PhotoHunt theme: "Surprise!"

One remaining blossom among all of these rose hips!

PhotoHunt Theme: "Surprise!"

More inspiration from the garden:

Summer is drawing to a close, here in Sweden. But there are still some roses left in the garden! Look at these Peace roses. They are so incredibly orange-red in colour!

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Look at these colours! To learn more, click HERE.

Saturday-PhotoHunt Theme :"Ripples"


Tuesday-Where do I find inspiration?

Where can I find inspiration? If I just start looking around I make discoveries. I happen to live in a town with a feeling for flowers. At least during the warmer half of the year, there are these amazing floral arrangements all over the town of Norrkoping. This huge group is to be found not far from my daughter's pre-school. Why are we so blessed here? I have some theories, but I'll get back to them later.


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