Results of the blog-poll:

A couple of weeks ago I posted a poll on my sidebar asking readers/viewers about my blog. Here is the question and the muliple-choice-list of possible answers:

Which feature(s) would you like to see more of?
1 - Anna's handmade jewellery. Show more detailed photos.
2 - Tutorials that show step-by-step how to make a piece of jewellery.
3 - Personal stories that are not necessarily about jewellery.
4 - The history of jewellery-making.
5 - Connect "sources of inspiration" with results, i.e. show jewellery with source.
6 - What the children do: their drawings and jewellery.
7 - From my sketchbook. thumbnails that become jewellery.

Only three readers voted. But I am very grateful to these people, whoever they are.The results of the poll shows that I should do more with jewellery and get back on course. More specifically, feature number two (2) "Tutorials that show step-by-step how to make a piece of jewellery." got two votes, and feature number seven (7) "From my sketchbook. thumbnails that become jewellery." got one vote.
I am taking these results to heart and will start showing tutorials and the process from sketches to finished piece.
Thank you again, whoever you are!

PhotoHunt-theme # 180: "Twisted"

For today's PhotoHunt-theme, TWISTED, I decided to use objects that are related to jewellery-making. Thus the twisted strands of glass and semi-precious stone beads are my solution to this theme-challenge.

It was like being on the dark side of the moon

I have not been able to get online for a couple of days. That is why I have not dropped EC cards or left comments on anyone else's blog. I hope to be back in a few hours after reloading all my programs.
Please note that the Give-away contest is now closed. I will announce the winner shortly,

PhotoHunt theme # 179: "UPSIDE DOWN"

This week's PhotoHunt theme is "Upside Down". Here we see my daughter Elisabet helping me out with this photo-problem.

Anna gives away a necklace

This is one of the necklaces that I sell on Etsy. Click here to find out more about it. If you would like to win this handmade (by me) stretch-necklace, please leave a comment and tell me something about yourself and why you would like to win it. Please write your name and email and I’ll choose a winner and announce the winner here on my blog. Good luck!

Thursday: Time to get back to jewellery-making!

Today is Thursday, September 17th. On this blog for a week or so, I have allowed myself to do other things. It has been fun and interesting, but it's time to return to working with jewellery. After all, this blog claims to be about "the joys of jewellery-making". So today I would like to ask you to vote on what you would like to see and read about on this blog.
I have some articles lined up, but I cannot promise exactly which day a certain item will be posted. I am hoping to have more regular features on specific days as other bloggers do. I could make regular features of the ones that I suggest in my poll.
Right now I want to return to the original purpose of this blog: jewellery !
Please vote and/or comment on what you would like to see more of in this blog.
Thank you.
Christina Wigren (aka "Anna")

Blog hop theme September 14th, 2009 : Show off your art

Here is a self-portrait that I painted some years ago. I used a photo of myself, taken of a TV-moniter of a video that I took of myself. That's why it has a blueish tone.

I have finally fixed my comment box!! Please leave comments!

Monday: Contests!

There are several contests going on. The Painted Veil is offering Entrecard points if you subscribe to her blog. For details, click here

Saturday PhotoHunt-theme # 178 "Electric"

This painting shows a kind of electrical connection-box on a snowy street in Stockholm, Sweden, some years ago. At that time, I painted electrical objects as a theme. I don't make images of electrial apparatus anymore.

Remembering September 11th, 2001

Many are remembering what happened today 2001. I don't have any images from Ground Zero for my blog today. Instead, I'd just like to show this photo of my children, Erik and Elisabet. They are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
On this day eight years ago, I was at work. I was going to have a baby in a month's time and I was very, very happy. Erik was on his way to us. Time goes, Erik was blessed with a sister, Elisabet, and now this December, Erik will be eight years old. Eight happy years for us.
But for many families, that day in 2001 meant the end of happiness. I would like to send a special wish for happiness to everyone who lost someone eight years ago today.
Something is wrong with my computer, so I am unable to leave a comment in a box. I'll just add it here: Please take a look at Patty Gales's text about 9/11. Click here.
It's Monday September 14th, and I fixed my comment box! You are welcome to leave comments at any time!

Sunday September 6th, 2009

New raw naterial: brass!

This passed week I have ordered antiqued solid brass chain to be used in making necklaces and bracelets. The links are 10 mm. This will be something new, as I have stuck to silver findings and chains up to now. We are not going to sell any of this chain to designers or other jewellery-makers. If you are interested in purchasing a length of this kind of chain, please contact Diana at Mountain Shadow Design. Please click here.

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