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abc-Wednesday, Round 6-"K"/Alphabe-Thursday-"K"-"K as in Kindness"

Jenny Matlock

Today is Wednesday (or actually Thursday) and I've decided to combine my posts for "abc-Wednesday Round 6" with Alphabe-Thursday, since a lot is going on right now. My K-word for both memes is KINDNESS.

Nature is sometimes kind,
and lets children only suffer the loss of one baby-tooth at a time.

Yesterday morning (March 31st), Elisabet's first baby-tooth fell out. Here we see a happy and proud Elisabet on her way to pre-school ready to tell the world about her tooth.

And speaking of Kindness, here is what the Tooth-Fairy left Elisabet last night: Twenty-five Swedish Crowns when stuffed into her tooth-box. Now they are kept in her cat-bank.

And here is Elisabet dressed as an Easter-witch. Traditionally children dress like little witches and go around giving away little Easter cards or sweets today, on Maundy Thursday.

This is the one genuinely Swedish tradition that is the closest equivalant to the dressing up and "trick-or-treating"-tradition of Halloween in the English-speaking world.
Yes, I know there are a lot of other, perhaps more interesting and exciting K-words such as "kitchen", "kitten", "knife", "knit", and "knowledge". But "kindness" is a word I wish I could hear more about every day. Please be kind!

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"Guess-the-Name-of-the-Jeweller-Contest" - Hint #4

I think I have a winner. But since I promised 4 hints, I am publishing the fourth and last set of clues now, to give me some time while I prepare my post to announce the winner(s) and tell the whole story later on today.

****Please leave a comment if you think you know the answer. I've decided to offer runners-up-prizes.****
Hint # 4 - Together with his staff, his jewellery company made a unique art object for an important holiday, once each year, starting with 1885 until years later when his company was forced to close. In making these jewellery-objects, he often incorporated ingenious mechanical mechanismens because the object was to have an element of surprise. It took a year to make each object, during which time all information about the object was a well-gaurded secret. Thanks to his ideas and the good working conditions he had, his company's products reached a pinacle of craftsmanship, impossible to ever attain again, because, among other reasons, his technical notes have vanished.
I'll get back with you later today, Wednesday March 31st.
In the mean time,
be happy!

"Guess-The-Jeweller-Contest" -- Hint #3

It's Tuesday today and tomorrow is the last day to leave a guess in a comment. Forgive me for not commenting on your comments or answering questions. This third hint is almost like telling exactly who he was. Here it is:

Hint # 3 - He was born in his homeland in 1846, travelled a lot in his life, and died in a foreign country in 1920.

I have tried to fill my store "parltradet" with renewed items, but am going to allow the winner to even pick a yet unlisted item that I have written a post about on this blog.
Good luck!

"Guess-the-Jeweller-Contest"--More hints! #1&2

What's the name of the jeweller? For details about the contest you can even see the first post about it. Please click here.

Time flies. I should name a winner on Wednesday and I don't see one yet. I may have made this contest too difficult, because my green pendant does not look like a typical item from this brand of jewellery. I am leaving two hints a day until it is time to close the contest. Here is the first one:

Hint # 1 - This was a family enterprise. His father was also a jeweller and founded the company that he and his brother worked to make world famous. Even though he employed the hand-picked talents of other craftsmen and did not work alone, it was still his ideas, inventiveness and leadership that raised the standard of quality for their products.

I'll leave another hint later today!
Alright, it time for the next clue:

Hint # 2 - His most important patrons were heads of state, royalty and the newly rich.

Happy Monday!

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This Week with Entrecard: Thanks to blogging Friends

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Don't forget to enter my contest "Guess-the-name-of-the-jeweller" before Wednesday March 31st. You can win a ten-dollar discount on any piece of jewellery in my Etsy-shops. If you have already left a comment, but would like to guess again, it's alright to leave another comment. For details please click here.

PhotoHunt Theme #206: "Fresh" - flower-picking

This week's PhotoHunt-Theme #206 is "Fresh".

What could be fresher than the first spring garden-flowers picked (without permission) by the children, Elisabet and Erik, yesterday, Friday the 26th of March?

Happy Weekend!

First Commenter: Sparkle the Designer Cat

Fluffy Friday #17 - Calle Cat's two best humans

For Fluffy Friday # 17 Calle Cat would like to introduce two of his best human friends:

"This is Torbjorn, the two-legged person who saved my life when I was just a couple of weeks old, left to die in a root celler, when my mother never returned to fetch me and my sisters. Torbjorn heard my screams and yowls, and removed some of the roof-tiles to dig me out and rescue me. We have been very close ever since."

"And here is his son, Erik, who is also my dear friend."

Happy Fuffy Friday!

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Alphabe-Thursday - "J" - "J as in jewellery-making

Jenny Matlock

It's thursday today, and this week's letter for Mrs. Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday is "J". My "J-word" is "jewellery" or "The joy of jewellery-making" (Which is also the tagline for my blog):

Here is Elisabet stringing beads on elastic beading-cord to make her own necklace.

Here we see a beadboard,

where Elisabet has planned her colour-scheme for her necklace.

Every beader starts out with an idea for their piece.
It is happy work.

But beading can be tiring if you are only five years old.

Luckily Mother can finish the necklace for her.

And let her take a rest.

Happy Alphabe-Thursday!
First Commenter: Vickis Place

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abc-Wednesday - "J"- "J as in Jewellery"

It's Wednesday today, and this week's letter for abc-Wednesday is "J". I am sure that I will not be the only one to choose the word "Jewellery/Jewelry". But I would be silly to not choose this word, since my blog is supposed to be about jewellery.

I had not started to design and make my own jewellery when we got married. Sometimes I wish I could get married all over again, just to make my own wedding jewellery! But I really can't complain. It was a nice wedding, I had a pretty dress, and I got to borrow a lovely green pendant that has a story all its own. You can see it on our wedding-photo:

Is there anyone who can guess the name of the designer/craftsman who made this pendant? If you think you know, leave a comment on this post. The first correct reply will receive a ten-dollar discount on any purchase of a single piece of jewellery from one of my Etsy-shops (parltradet or AnnasAdornments).

Take a closer look

Hints: This pendant was made of precious materials, but it is its craftsmanship that set it apart. It was not made in an English-speaking country, and it was probably made somewhere between 80 to 120 years ago.

You only have about a week to leave a reply on this post with your name and a way of getting in touch with you. You must leave your comment before I post next week's abc-Wednesday for the letter "K", when I will reveal the correct answer and tell the whole story about this pendant. You do not have to be an abc-Wednesday-participant to enter this contest, but you must be 18 years or older, be able to identify yourself, and have your own blog. In the case of conflict, I have the last word.

Good Luck!


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Jay of The Depp Effect

New Earrings!! Mellow Yellow Monday #61

It's Tuesday today, and I would like to show some new earrings! I just love these Czech pressed glass open squares in different colours. For Mellow Yellow Monday (it's still Monday in parts of the globe right now) I have some cute yellow beaded earrings.

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday!

First Commenter: East Coast Life

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