Extra S-words: Seed beads, Stark and Sara / This Week with Entrecard May 24th to 30th

One very important jewellery S-word that I did not have time to include in my S-post is Seed beads!

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Stark of Stark Design

Seed beads are small glass beads that can be used as spacers (beads between other larger beads) or woven into cuffs or sewn on clothes like sequins. There are alot of beaders that use seed beads. Seed beads come in different sizes such as 6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14 and 15. The larger the size-number the smaller the bead! Size 15 is tiny, only 1.3mm in diameter, while size 6 is 3.3mm in diameter!

Yvonne Stark (also an S-word) is a Swedish designer that makes beautiful pieces of beaded jewellery and accessories using seed beads. To see more of Yvonne's work go to her shop here. and then click on "Galleri". If you live in Sweden, why not buy some seedbeads while you are visiting Yvonne Stark's shop ! (This is not and Ad, just something I like.)

This is Yvonne Stark

and not Anna!
My cat Cajsa celebrated her 11th birthday yesterday.
(Cajsa does not have her own blog, but her daughter, Sara does.)

"Cajsa" is not an S-word at all, while "Sara" is. Sara will be 10 years old on June 6th. So here's to you, my shy little blogging cat, Sara. (Check out "Sara Cat writes" here.)


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S as in Silver - abc Wednsday - S - Alphabe-Thursday S

Today is Wednesday and once again it is time to play my two favourite alphabet-memes, Mrs. Denise Nesbitt's abc-Wednesday and Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. This week both memes have the letter "S". Similar to the letter "R", there are lots and lots of S-words to choose from. After so many R-words last week, I have decided to try to limit myself to S-words that are related to my main subject, jewellery-making.

So my S-word is Silver, a precious metal that is widely used to make pieces of jewellery. Here we see a finger ring and a bangel that I made of sterling silver at a beginners' silver-smithing course that I took a year ago. Not very exciting? No. But I learned the basics of how to solder silver.

Until that time when I can afford to invest in silver-smithing equipment there are already good silver smiths who can do the kind of jewellery that I would like to be able to do one day. Take a look at Trudie Davies' ring here. You can order it with the name or words of your choice.

Isn't it pretty? That would be fun to do! Check out Trudie's blog and Etsy shop. Sorry, I can't seen to find a photo of Trudie Davies herself. (Found it!)

This is Trudie Davies

and not Anna!

Here is Trudie's blog button!

Trudie Davies Designs
Before I leave the words "solder" and "soldering" I would like to add the word "seashells" and show a series of pictures from Tara Beaulieu of Scarborough Seashells, who has hade a giveway for a cute pair of silver-fitted seashell-earrings. Tara shows her work-process in soldering the silver framwork for the seashells. Take a look:

Take a peek at Tara's Etsy shop here.

With the help of more jewellery-blogging friends, I would like to show other examples of how silver can be used. Here we see Karen Stahlecker of WillOaks Studio using silver necklace chains with different coloured stones:

Silver seems to go with everything. Take a closer look at Karen's Etsy shop to find out more about these beautiful neck-adornments.

and not Anna.
Another clever and very skilled jewellery artist, who works with silver, is Lotta Knutar. Lotta lives a little closer to me here in Europe than Trudie who lives in Australia or Karen who lives in the United States. Lotta wraps silver wire when she makes her pieces of jewellery. Look at these earrings:

I wonder if you could wear Lotta's oxidised silver wire-wraped earrings with one of Karen's necklaces with the oxidised silver chain?

Visit Lotta Knutars Etsy shop
Silverknuten or check out her English language blog.

This is Lotta Knutar

and not Anna.
Now, I'd like to show some silver pieces that I own, but have not made myself. Here are a couple of cute silver bracelets:

And this is a very old pin made out of silver and mountain chrystal, that my mother gave me last year. It was her grandmother's.

Last but not least, I would like to say something about the first round pin with the image of a spider at the top of this post. This beautiful piece of silver was owned by my maternal grandmother.

She wore it a lot and I am very proud to have it now. It is handmade of sterling silver in Sweden 1911 (see the year on the reverse side).

My S-words have been, "Silver", "Solder", "Seashells" and "Spider".

Wasn't that simple?!
Best wishes

Jenny    Matlock

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One more R-word/This week with Entrecard, May 17th to 23rd

I would like to add one more R-word to my most recent post for abcWednesday/Alphabe-Thursday - R: RASBERRIES!!

My R-post has already featured Maria Bower's wonderful roses. Here are some whimsical and beautiful rasberry earrings. Visit her UK-shop and her Etsy shop, roseparadise!

(This is not an ad, just something I like!)
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