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New Year's Resolution! Romantic Friday Writers' Challenge No. 29

Welcome to the Romantic Friday Writers' fortnightly Writing Challenge, started and hosted by Denise Covey, L'Aussie, where participants share their own 300-400-word text - story or poem - on a given theme. This week's theme for Friday, 30th December, Challenge No. 28, is 'New Year's Resolution'. My text is written directly for this REW-challenge.

Here is my text :

New Year's Resolution

Anita Karlsson found a moment to jot down her thoughts:

Dear Diary,
Today is Friday the thirteenth of January 2012 and after several weeks of neglect I have finally found a space of time to put pen to paper and visit with you my friend since I was twelve. Imagine that! I have been writing to you for 37 years!

I just recently had my forty-ninth birthday; next time I'll be fifty.

I feel that this past year has been a crossroads for me. So much as happened. My cat met a feline-tabby-Casanova one very cold afternoon in February last year and gave birth to kittens in April. (I am still looking for homes for them.)
At about the same time, the divorce from Sverker became final. The most beautiful time of year - spring and summer - went to finding a new apartment, packing, moving and then unpacking. I'm not finished yet.

Yes, dear diary, I know. I should write a New Year's Resolution. What would that be? 'I resolve to never marry a man like my former husband again'? It seems unlikely that I'll even find someone to remarry. But I wish I could. Someone who really likes me. Someone who might learn to love me too. Someone I like, of course.

I could make a New Year's Resolution to stay cool and never to run after a man, even if I am infatuated in him. (I know. I scare the best ones off, like that cute guy Karl. He seemed interested at first and then cooled off.)

(Why is love so fragile?)

Now I know what I could promise! My New Year's Resolution is to take one day at a time. I read somewhere that 'how you spend your day, is how you fill your life*'.

'Til next time, Dear Diary!
Your friend,

[Text copyright 2012 Christina Wigren]

Word count according to WordCalc: 308; 'NCCO' - No Critque, Comments Only.

Best wishes,

This is a fictional text even if Anita Karlsson shares some of my experience. Before the internet and online blogging there was perhaps more writing in a diary or journal with a pen on paper. I have actually written (by hand) a diary since I was twelve years old. It is no literary gem, but it is a personal document that I am glad to have. Even if the texts in my diary tend to be boring, repetitive and not very deep, the act of writing every day has helped me write with ease, even if the quality of what I write needs proof-reading and editing. (I am such a bad speller!)
*This quote is from Mrs. Jenny Matlock's site 'Off My Tangent'. I don't know if it is her own words or if she is quoting someone else.

Oh no! I remembered incorrectly! This is what Jenny Matlock actually wrote (here):
Every morning when I get up I remind myself that "how you live your days is how you live your life." I try to live each day to the fullest. Always. Whether it is a sad day or a happy day or a day filled with memories and loss it is a day that will never come again. Carpe Diem.
Sorry Jenny!

Here are what the kittens looked like in April:

Text & Photographs Copyright 2012 Christina Wigren

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