Top EC-droppers i October!

Thank you!

BeadedTail : Pets, jewelry, travel and fun!

These sites are my top ten EC-droppers for the month of October 2009. If you haven't visited these fine sites before, just click on their names. I am not showing anyone's widget-pictures this time, because I can't seem to get a picture from the month of October's number one top dropper, Beaded Tail. So today's photo is just one of little Elisabet with a bouquet of roses to give this post a picture to follow in the "LinkWithin".

I apologise to everyone who regularly drops on my blog. Thank you for dropping in spite of putting your blog at risk during an unknown number of days, when my blog was under attack by hackers. I would like to especially thank Jean's Musings and Seek No More for sending messages and warning me of this danger and suggesting remedies. I am now using a computor that has protection, while my other computor is being repaired.
I have a lot to learn about the nuts and bolts of blogging and am grateful to other bloggers who take the time to show me the ropes.
Thank you all so much!

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