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Merry Christmas!

This is our Christmas tree with traditional Swedish decorations made out of straw. These pictures were taken on Christmas Eve 2007, two years ago.

For those of you who would like to see what I look like, I am making an exception and showing a photo of our whole family, including me. (Except for the cats, but someone has to press the shutter-button. Thank you Calle Cat!)

Regular visiters can see how much the children have grown and changed since then. From left to right we are little then three-year-old Elisabet, yours truly, "Anna", a then six-year-old Erik and Torbjorn, father, husband and head of household.

I had just taken ill with a bad stomach virus just two days before, and had not quite recovered. (You may notice that the glands in my throat are swollen.) I was feeling poorly the rest of that winter, and vowed to take any vaccinations against the flu that is ever offered. I've been much healthier since then.

We had a lovely Christmas tree from our own forest that year. I have just gotten word that there will be no Christmas tree this year, which is a pity. The children are still children, even if they are five and eight years old this Christmas. It seems ironic, because we own a whole forest of fir-trees! You would think that a little seedling of a tree that happened to be growing in the wrong place, like a ditch, would be alright to take. But it is not for me to decide.

I hope and wish that everyone who visits this page, has a blessed Christmas with lots of good cheer and love, and that the new year, 2010, brings happiness and good health.
with Elisabet, Erik, Torbjorn, Cajsa Cat, Sara Cat and Calle Cat

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