New Year's Resolutions? I'm not finished with Christmas yet!

Most bloggers have already written their New Year's resolutions by now. I am not really finished with Christmas! I got a cold yesterday and am sitting here with soggy paper tissues trying to keep my running nose from dropping over the keyboard while I write.

There are lots of things to write about. I have about three to four unfinished texts that I could post, but they're not ready yet. I'll have to write at least one more post about Christmas before I'm done.

I have been thinking about the cats at Katthemmet Kompis who endured first a fire and then cold winter weather when they ran away. Amazingly a few of these cats have been found after several days of wandering about in the woods. I would like to praise the fire-fighters and the people who take care of these shelter cats for their efforts in rescuing them. Nybro is several hours away from where we live. I can't drive a car filled with cat food and other supplies that they have listed on their website, even if that is exactly what I wish that I could do. All I can do is send a donation to their plusgiro account (pg konto):
35 74 82-9 and wish them well.

I have not yet figured out how money can be sent to this Swedish cat shelter from other countries. I wish that everyone outside of Sweden who wished to send a small donation, could do this without having transfer-fees costing too much. If anyone has any suggestions about how this could be done, please leave a comment here.

They are having auctions on Tradera (Swedish Ebay). Maybe I should sell some pieces of jewellery there or in my Etsy-shop for the benefit of the surviving cats of Katthemmet Kompis? Does anyone have experience with charity work that can advise me?
Thank you,

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