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'If I die young...' - Mrs. Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus - Week 68

Jenny Matlock

Welcome to Saturday Centus, Week 68, Mrs. Jenny Matlock's writing challenge, where participants are asked to write a PG-rated text to a given written prompt, in any style or genre of writing, with no picture, and using only up to 150 words (this week), not counting the four words in the prompt. This is week 68 and the prompt is: 'If I die young'.


My text follows here:

'If I die young'

Sanna thought about people she knew who never became old. They died before they turned fifty. Even sixty years old seems too early. Some die so young, like the son of a psychiatrist who died in his twenties. He wanted to go to medical school; but time ran out before he even got started. His sisters always make a point of remembering him.

Maybe that's the only thing left when you are faced with your doom: to be remembered. Sanna's father asked her if she thought that the children would remember him. Sanna said yes, and even promised to talk about him. She herself had fond memories of relatives whom she never actually met, because her parents and grandparents spoke lovingly about them.

Sanna hoped to live a long life. But what if she didn't? She opened her notebook and started writing a poem: 'If I die young, will you remember me?'


Word count according to WordCalc: 149

Sanna has jotted down a poem here as an extra text:

If I die young, will you remember me?

That I have dreamed of things that could not be?

If I die young, will you speak of me?

To your friends, your children, speak of me!

If I die young, will you think of me?

When winter's clear air lets you breath free?

If I die young, will you be thinking of me?

When sunshine in springtime make you dance with glee?

If I die young, will you think of me?

With all summer's greens: grass, bush and tree?

If I die young, will you think of me?

When the autumn leaves fall, think of me!

If I die young, will you remember me?

That I lived and had so much yet to see!

[Text Copyright 2011 Christina Wigren]


Best wishes,



When I write a text with the character Sanna Rumsten, it is a purely fictional text, that may or may not borrow content from my own life. This text is dedicated to the memory of a real boy, Jens, the son of my second cousin. Jens died of leukemia twenty years ago. If he had survived and recovered his health, he would have been in his forties now, and had very likely become a doctor. My second cousin tells me that his sisters really do make a point of remembering him.

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