Results of the blog-poll:

A couple of weeks ago I posted a poll on my sidebar asking readers/viewers about my blog. Here is the question and the muliple-choice-list of possible answers:

Which feature(s) would you like to see more of?
1 - Anna's handmade jewellery. Show more detailed photos.
2 - Tutorials that show step-by-step how to make a piece of jewellery.
3 - Personal stories that are not necessarily about jewellery.
4 - The history of jewellery-making.
5 - Connect "sources of inspiration" with results, i.e. show jewellery with source.
6 - What the children do: their drawings and jewellery.
7 - From my sketchbook. thumbnails that become jewellery.

Only three readers voted. But I am very grateful to these people, whoever they are.The results of the poll shows that I should do more with jewellery and get back on course. More specifically, feature number two (2) "Tutorials that show step-by-step how to make a piece of jewellery." got two votes, and feature number seven (7) "From my sketchbook. thumbnails that become jewellery." got one vote.
I am taking these results to heart and will start showing tutorials and the process from sketches to finished piece.
Thank you again, whoever you are!

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