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Blue on Monday

Today is Monday and in keeping with "Blue Monday Meme" this post will have lots of blue in it! As I said yesterday, from now on, there will be new jewellery on every post, including posts with memes.

Here is a photo of a place you may have seen before if you are aquainted with Anna's blog. It was a Blue Monday-post and the photo was taken earlier in the fall of 2009. It's our neighbor's blue garden furniture.

And now, here is the same scene, taken just a few days ago in February 2010!

And here are the chairs again, from an other angle. They certainly are buried in snow!

But we are not finished yet. Here are some cool blue and white necklaces that might be nice to wear in spring and summer: The first three are stretch necklaces with glass beads, Czech pressed glass and Chinese cat's eye glass beads, millifiori (a thousand flowers) glass beads of unknown origin, and some Chinese porcelain beads with good luck symbols on them. I am also using clear seedbeads and clear elastic cord.


This fourth necklace is strung on soft beading-wire with a sterling silver toogle clasp. But I am wondering if the soft drape maybe wasted on the daggers. I have been thinking about trying memory-wire. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? What if I redo it on memory-wire?

And finally, here are some blue earrings, but I will have more earrings on a separate post very soon. I made a pair of earrings for the necklace with the Chinese porcelain beads, but forgot to include them in this photo. Sorry! They will turn up later.

Happy Blue Monday!

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