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Should children be allowed to have their ears pierced?

I received an interesting comment from Jenny Matlock yesterday on my Alphabe-Thursday "E, as in Earrings"-post yesterday.

In response to my photo with piles of earrings with ear wires, Jenny Matlock writes: "Beautiful earrings. My granddaughters are drooling over some "dangly" earrings but they are so young. Do you make anything suitable for an eight year old?"
Yes I do. I make earrings with screwback-findings for children and young people as well as adults like myself who do not have pierced ears.

I do not approve of piercing the ears of children. I don't even like young teens having pierced ears.
But if I don't approve of piercing the ears of children, why do I make and sell posts and earwires? I do this because there is a market for them, because so many woman want them.
If an adult woman already has pierced ears and would like to buy earwires, I would be a fool to not accommadate her. I sell sterling silver ear wires and think about good hygiene. I never sell used earwires. If a customer would like a specific wire gauge (wire thickness) or metal for her earrings, I try to get it for her.

But I am not in this business to make more people have their ears pierced, or get them to have their daughters' ears pierced. This is why I try to offer findings for wearers who do not have holes in their ears. There are screwbacks and clip-ons and other interesting solutions. No girl or woman should ever need to feel that they have to get their ears pierced. I will redo any design and make them wearable for non-pierced ears.
Here are some earrings with screwback findings (plus one with ear wires for comparison).

Most of these dangle-designs are small and light-weight and could be worn by an eight year old girl.
I can make earrings for your special needs and list them as a reservation in your name on my Etsy shop. Please tell me what colour and style you think your granddaughters would like. Click
here to get to my Etsy shop, AnnasAdornments.
Thank you for asking, Jenny.
Best wishes,

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