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Ruby Tuesday - More red plant-inspired jewellery ! (Part II)

For last week's Ruby Tuesday I showed a red and green beaded necklace (click here to see it again) that I made to look a little bit like rose hips. This week I will continue to show some of my efforts to make plant-inspired jewellery.

Here is a bracelet made with an antiqued brass chain with 10mm links with the same bright red beads from India that I used for last week's necklace.

But instead of stringing the red beads and glass leaves in a row, the "rose hips" hang individually more like the way they do from branches of a rose bush.

This time I am using olive green Czech pressed glass leaf beads to hang on the bracelet as charms.

Making bracelets is a real challange, because like rings, they are constantly seen by the wearer herself. Maybe this is why I began making necklaces. But I am that glad I have finally started to make bracelets. It's fun!

We can call this is a work in progress. Again, this is a piece that I have not yet listed in a shop. Should I make it heavier with more leaves and rose hips or should I just leave it as it is? I have lots of beautiful chain and beads so I could make several versions.
Next week: More red earring!

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

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