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Friday's quiet time

This is what the elderberries looked like in August. I will try to take a picture of what they look like now in November.

I went out and bought a new computer this morning, since both of the computers that I had been using to blog, have not been behaving well. And, as if they were naughty children, my little lap-top was kind enough to get me online again this afternoon, as if it were ashamed and seemed to understand that it could be replaced!

I left Erik at school and Elisabet at day-care and took the stroller and a few suitcase straps and walked to the computer-store and then wheeled home this huge brown box strapped to the little stroller. I haven't unpacked it yet. I will need some time to put it all together. I thought that I would get this posted first, while my lap-top is still co-operating.

'Friday's quiet time' is the title of this mini-post. Be careful what you wish for; it may come true. The children went off to the farm with their father at around six p.m. And I am left alone in town with a ringing in my ears. I wanted a little quiet, and now I miss the children so much. But it wasn't really my idea to do it this way. (But that's another story; perhaps even a future post.)

I have an opportunity to work at my 'just-to-earn-money-job' tomorrow and on Sunday. Now that I have purchased this new computer, I will have to find some way of paying for it, while there is money to be earned. (My job is seasonal and even though they need lots of help right now, the need for people like me will dwindel closer to Christmas. I sit in a room with rows and rows of computers and talk on the phone for four hour stretches. I don't sell anything - I ask questions. It's not tele-marketing or selling, it's tele-research. But not everyone understands the difference, and some of them hang up before I finish my greeting. Oh well, it pays the bills and the people running this company are very nice; and so are my co-workers.

Happy Weekend all of you wonderful bloggers and other people out there!

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