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PhotoHunter Theme # 187 Music - Violas and violins

Saturday's PhotoHunt- theme # 187 is "Music", which is more for the ear than the eye. So what is visual about music and can be used for this PhotoHunt theme? I think musical instruments are beautiful objects, especially string instruments.

Here is our string family: a child's violin, a child's viola, a violin for an adult and a viola for an adult. The child's violin belongs to Elisabet. Here is Elisabet playing her violin.

Erik plays the viola and encourages Elisabet to play her violin.

This is Elisabet's and Erik's music teacher, Sonja Nichols, who uses the Suzuki-teaching-method.

Shinichi Suzuki, who developed this method, prefered to call it the "mother-tongue approach", because he taught young children to play the violin in a similar way that all children learn to speak their native language: with lots of love, encouragement and repetition.
Happy Weekend!


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