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Sunday thoughts: "Look, a squirrel!" (Spiritual Sundays)

singing birds
Yesterday we walked along the promenade to the local music school to go to Elisabet's weekly violin lesson-group.

On our way home Elisabet happened to see a squirrel jumping from tree to tree. These are not very good pictures - too grey. But I thought I would share the children's enthusism for this one small observation of the natural world. To be a child and embrace everything that is new!

Why post this? I happened to have my camera with me when we went out. Ninety-five percent of these small everyday discoveries never get documented in any way at all. Suddenly the children have grown some more and moved on from one stage of development to another. Yes, sometimes, I am a frustrated mother. Time flies. I can't do everything. I don't see everything. But I am happy and grateful for what I do see and for what I have.
Happy Sunday!

("Sunday thoughts" is not an established meme. It is simply my own category for random thoughts that don't fit in anywhere else. But if you have something you would like to add, you are welcome to comment.//Later:// I've decided to let this post join "Spiritual Sundays" if they think it's alright. )

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