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Sunday thoughts: My comment on yesterday's PhotoHunt

This is just a short comment about yesterday's PhotoHunt Theme. If you are visiting Anna's Adornments for the first time, you may want to back to yesterday's post.

This is a blog about jewellery-making. But Tnchick's PhotoHunt theme made me write about my father. Anna's Adornment is not a top blog. I don't get that many visitors. But yesterday's post about Daddy's time in Europe during World War II gave me 22 comments! I have tried to comment back and thank everyone who left a comment, but if I have missed you, please be patient. I've got to work an eight-hour shift today and only have a few minutes to post this. I will write another post about Daddy, because so many other bloggers have inspired me with their stories!
Thank you everyone for writing your stories and visiting others sites!
Happy Sunday!

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