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Mellow Yellow Monday #59: Earrings, earrings! International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day (or however it's called in English, please correct me, anyone) I would like to show some new earrings that have not yet been listed in my shops.
Here are some yellows:

Take a closer look at these cat-earrings. I've made them with orange squares too. (These are in honour of Calle Cat's new venture "The Red Cat Society" Take a peek here.)

And here are some greens,

since Saint Patrick's Day is just around the corner: (Love those little glass squares!)

And all the while I was working with these earrings, Elisabet was making a necklace for herself:

Well, she actually made two!

Happy Monday!

(To the world's best photographers who may happen to stop by an see this post: Yes, I know these shots are horrible with the flash. Yuck. Natural lighting or a tripod and well-placed lamps are better! I have had a terrible day and the sun went down when I finally got around to taking the pics. I promise to not use these photos in my shop, then no one will buy these earrings. To women everywhere in the world who are working double, I salute you sisters!)

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