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PhotoHunt Theme # 203 - "Foreign"- Foreign coins

This week's PhotoHunt theme # 203 is "Foreign". "Foreign" means not belonging or strange or coming from somewhere else. I thought about nationality and nationalism and the world being divided into different and separate nations. We are all "foreign" in relation to each another. Or, we can look for what we have in common.

For today's PhotoHunt challenge I would like to show you all my bank in the shape of a Moomin-troll, where I keep all of my foreign or no longer valid coins. (I got this cute savings-toy free from a bank in neighbouring Finland. I just love it.)

Everybody in Sweden will recognise that the coins are lying on top of piano sheet music to the Swedish national anthem Du gamla, du fria.

Foreign or familiar? It all depends upon your point of view!

Happy Weekend
to all of you
wonderful PhotoHunters
all around the world!

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