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PhotoHunt Theme # 205 - "Three (3)" - Our three cats

This week's PhotoHunt theme # 205 is "three (3)". There is so much that could be done with this theme. For example, I am already very impressed by what "East Coast Life" has posted entitled "Three-Inch Lotus Shoes"! By comparision, my post is very ordinary.

I have chosen "three (3)" of something that I have at home -- our three cats! Unfortunately, I could not get them all in the same photo. But here they are, one at a time, our "three" cats:

Calle, our ginger-gentleman-cat and ambassador;

Cajsa, the oldest, our adventurous, outdoor tuxedo-she-cat;

and Cajsa's black and white daughter, Sara, our smallest cat.

Sara is a very shy indoor-cat.
Right now I feel as lazy and tired as she looks here sleeping in her igloo.
Happy Weekend!

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