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PhotoHunt-Theme # 204 "Spiral", also "Tourist in my own town # 1"

Tourist in my own town #1

For this week's PhotoHunt theme # 204, "Spiral", I would like to show a large aluminium sculpture called "Spiral Gesture" (1954-61), by the Swedish artist Arne Jones (1914-1976).

This sculpture is to be found standing in front of Norrkoping's Art Museum.

According to the description given in the museum's folder on their sculpture-garden:
The sculpture was inspired by an article Jones read on the development of the screw; with its inner and outer spirals. The sculpture's inner spiral seems to move slowly upwards; its rotation caused by the force of the water. The controversy which surrounded the sculpture (Too abstract! Too expensive! etc. ) was quickly settled and Spiral Gesture is now a symbol of the city.
(Written by Bia Mankell, translated and edited by Debbie Thompson.)

A symbol for the city of Norrkoping? Perhaps. There is a shopping center called "Spiralen" (The Spiral), named after the sculpture, and it is not very far from the art museum.

If you look up the street to the right from where we are standing now in front of the the galleria, you could probably see the sculpture!

Happy Weekend

(P.S. This is the first of my own series, "Tourist in my own town", about what to see in Norrkoping. When the weather gets a little warmer I'll have more to show. Please note the piles of snow in these photos. This little photo excursion probably contributed to my present state with a sore throat and fever. Please forgive me for not being a very good commenter on other blogs right now.)

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